Russian team routine (free) – FINA World Championships 2009

What is synchro?

Synchronised swimming combines advanced swimming ability, flexibility, strength, stamina and creativity.  It is a highly technical sport which means it can be difficult but with a bit of determination and perseverance it is highly rewarding.

How does it work?

Synchronised swimming can seem like a complicated sport to those who are not directly involved in it.  These are the basics:

- The sport is split into two areas, recreational and competitive, with competitions for clubs in both strands.  Aqualina Stevenage is a recreational club.

- Competitions are split into figures (each figure is a series of positions linked by transferring movements) and routines.  There are four categories of routines, solos, duets, teams (eight swimmers) and combination (includes elements of solo, duet and team with up to ten swimmers).

Why try synchronised swimming?

- It is a great way to improve your standard of swimming, overall fitness and learn lots of new skills.
- It allows swimmers to be creative when coming up with ideas for routines.
- It is a great way to stay involved in swimming after completion of swimming lessons.
- There is always something new to try with synchronised swimming which keeps swimmers on their toes.

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